Online Catalog

In this catalog you can consult the catalog records of more than 190,000 documents , The Oldest of 1073, relating to the municipal administration and its Relationship with City and Citizens: municipal records , account books , historical documents , records and Projects works Openings licenses , records of festivals and cultural activities , etc ... inhabitants register . Documents Other Institutions characters and and Chart Collection . Documentary funds.

Some of these catalog descriptions contain scanned images. The records and images are updated regularly.

You can perform simple and advanced searches , allowing differentiation between documentary records with digital objects or without associated digital objects.

Access to the catalog is free . Applications for reproduction for commercial purposes or publication and permits use of copies must be made directly to Archivo Municipal de Burgos

In compliance with the regulations to protect personal data and intellectual property is not available at this catalog all the documents preserved in the Archive.

From here you can access the user manual.